Photography Class 101

 “Getting to know your camera and beyond!”

Finally learn to use that nice DSLR camera you have, and go beyond auto point and shoot.

WEEK ONE- “Let’s Begin!”

  1. Introductions
  2. Camera Tour – learning basic camera functions inside and out
  3. Picture effects modes- setting up your camera
  4. Practice what we learn

WEEK TWO- “To Infinity and Beyond!”

  1. Triangular effect- beyond auto mode
  2. Metering your correct exposure
  3. White balance- color temperatures
  4. Practice what we learn

WEEK THREE- “Make a Creative photograph!”

  1. Types of photography- What type are you?
  2. Composition- Rule of thirds
  3. Lighting and Shadows
  4. Choosing Lenses and light modifiers

WEEK FOUR- “Let’s Shoot!”

  1. How to take a great selfie
  2. Photoshoot Extravaganza!
  3. Wrap up- Q&A
You will need to bring a fully charged camera with card, pencil/pen and a highlighter. As a bonus, at the end of the 4 week course on a determined Saturday, you will be able to put into practice your new found skills as we travel to the Lostwood area for a fun photo safari.
Cost is $75.00  and there will be a maximum 10 and a minimum 5 participates in the class.


How to Register:
1.) Click on the Register Now link and click on the book a class tab. Choose beginning photography and click on the 7:00 pm time. Fill in the information.
2). Click on the pay now link. This will take you to paypal for easy and safe payment. Please note that you do NOT have to have a paypal account to use this type of payment.
3) If you would rather pay by check or in person please EMAIL me.