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On Earth As It Is In Heaven



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How does the war in the heavenly affect the lives of people on earth today? The battle of the ages still exist and the fight for man’s salvation wars on. Follow the journey of Dakota (Melissa Klitzke), a young girl, who asks God to help her struggling parents, Ricky (Kurt Schultz) and Tiffany (Leola Schultz) . Ricky suffers from alcoholism and Tiffany is near a breaking point from trying to hold it all together on her own. As God orchestrates the people and angels in place to accomplish her request Lucifer tries to keep the stronghold that has gripped her family’s life.

Written/Filmed/Directed/Edited by Wayne and Gina Footh of Lostwood Media in conjunction with Lake Assembly Church in Powers Lake, North Dakota.Order


Feature Film

The Dakota Miracle



The Movie that started it all!
What started out as a church Christmas project soon grew into a powerful ministry tool. This movie was filmed and edited in only 2 weeks! It was previewed in front of an overflowing audience.
The film has since been all around the world. Please contact us if you would like to order a copy or if you would like to show case it in your local theater or church.









The 2012 Stanley/Powers Lake Football season. This highlights the blue jay’s 2nd undeafted regular season.

After winning the 2011 ND State Class A championship, the Blue Jays once again put their “Refuse to Lose” mentality on the football field.

Packed full with exciting breath taking season highlights, and with special interviews from the coaching staff.  Captures the heart of the season.